An wonderful letter a former student (now friend-Tres Swygert) wrote about my teaching....Thank you Tres!

Seven years ago, my friend Daniel insisted that I HAD to come to Ga State, after he heard of my plan to pursue art. Especially to take a drawing class from a teacher of his. I was unsure. Still, after much thought, I went with Ga State, but I was not able to take the teacher's class due to the class being full. Thankful, I took Paul Rodecker's advice, and checked often to see if someone would drop, and one person did. I signed up for the Paul's class, which delighted my friend.

What I did not know was how different Paul was as a teacher, with his discipline, focus, and direction. It was something that was new and unique for me, as many art teachers (drawing wise) could not impress me with the instructions they had. He is the first. Through this teachings, challenges, and encouragement, I started to see what drawing could be, what drawing is, and how anyone, anyone can draw, with time and effort. 

As much as Paul taught me about drawing, and that I would hang on to every word he would say, he taught me about life, and to see things beyond what I can see. Every time he could teach me something, I wanted to be there. I say all to say this, the reason I'm drawing this way now, the thoughts I have for drawing, I thank Paul for that. I also thank him for his life lessons, and one day, just one day, I'll be half as good as he is at this great medium we call drawing. 

Thank you Paul, I am forever grateful.