" Walton's Cat " multi-plate etching-c2014dec19

"Leonardo's Horse" -multi-plate etching -c2014dec

"Holding Hands" -multi-plate etching on paper -c2014dec

" Purple Dancers " -ink on paper -c2004

" Phoenix Edge " -ink on paper -c2010

"Tornumber" -ink on paper -2009

"Crazy Eye" -charcoal on paper -c1999

" what you hold need not hold you" -charcoal on paper -c1999

" self portrait in red " -red sharpie on paper, digital collage -c2011

" Memory of Clouds " - digital collage from drawing -c2012

" Crazy Eye " -ink on paper -c2005

" Interstring " -ink on paper -c2005

A very humbling yet wonderful comment from a student of mine. Thanks Brian!

" gesture Versus detail " -ink on paper -c2002

"abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz" -ink on paper -c2010

" we are numbers " - drawing, digital collage -2014nov16

"Number's Edge" -ink on paper -c2010

" what you Hold, Holds you not " -charcoal on paper -c1999

" Hands " -graphite, charcoal, & carbon on paper -c2013

" Druid " -ink on yupo -c2013

" Peachy Kings " -digital paint -c2013

"Dream of Flight" -ink on paper -c2004

" red eye " -red ballpoint pen on paper -c2009

" t.e.R.R.a.C.e " -ink on paper -c2012 (close up section)

" Bloody Fingers " -red ballpoint pen on paper -c2009

" Inscribe " -ink on paper -c2013

" Drawing Lands " -ink on paper -c2010 (section close up)

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" Moth Lands " -ink on paper -c2012

" Tur moil " -ink on paper -in process -c2014oct

" Bear Island " -ink on paper -c2010

" The Arrival " -digital marks -c2013

" What is is not " -ink on paper -inprocess -c2014oct28

" drawscapes " -graphite & carbon on paper -c2011

" What Grows Beneath Us " -ink on paper -c2012 -inprocess

" Art Lands " -ink on paper -c2014oct -inprocess

" Tangle Round " -digital line & color -c2011

" Time Buries us all " -ink on paper -in process -c2014oct

" Where my Demons dwell " -ink on paper -c2005

"Space Whale " ink on yupo -c2013

" Into the Blue " -ink in paper -inprocess -c2014oct21

" Portrait in Gesture " graphite on paper -c2009

" Elephant Falls " -ink on paper -c2013

" Love Line " ink on paper -c2014

" What Forms Below " -ink on paper -c2009

" Holy Tower " -drawing, digital collage -c2014

Not a drawing. Just a good thing to keep in mind.

-partial profile study -digital line & paint -c2014oct12

" Mantle " -ink on paper - wacom, manga studio, painter