" Drawing Dust " -pen on paper -c2010

" Crowded Souls " -c2012

" Fragmented " -oils #underpainting -c2013july28

" Rose Mountain " -ink on paper

" Inner Spiral " -pen & ink on paper

" Thumb " -etching

" lost souls "

" Crossing Fields " -inkwash, etching needle, scratchboard -c2012

" Inner Sees " -pen on paper -c2012

"censor " -pen on paper -c2006 -drawing correspondence by angus galloway & paul rodecker

" Tower of Language " -pen on paper -c2008

" Inner Caverns " -clayboard, acylic, needle -c2012

" Dominant Drawing Hand of Paul Rodecker " -2013julym

" Weight of the Halo " -drawing from Dante's Inferno -graphite, carbon & color pencils, eraser on drawing paper -2013july

From 'Dante's Inferno' drawing (in process, but soon to be turned over)

Drawing Slice from Dante Drawing (-in process -07/10/13)

More Color Pencil work: Dante's Inferno drawing. (in process -07/09/13)

Color Pencils at work in Dante's Inferno drawing. (in process -07/08/13)

' Getting ready for War ' -sharpened color pencils -07/07/09

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A section of my 'Dante's Inferno' drawing (in process -07/07/14)

Lost Soul from Drawing in "Dante's Inferno" (in process -07/06/13)

' a View from Dante's Inferno ' (in process 07/06/13)

A small section from my "Dante's Inferno" drawing (still under development -07/05/13)

"Linear Vinear " -carbon pencil on paper -2013jul04

A small section from my "Dante's Inferno" drawing (still under development)

" Angry Bird " -2000 -etching

" Sands of Time " -ink on paper -2012