" Fossole " -pen & ink on paper -c2013ap

drawing by paul rodecker


SO MUCH MOVEMENT!!! YET NO LINES INTERSECT AND NO SHAPES OVERLAP!!!!!!!!!! the time and level of skill is evident! tho the design is simplistic overall there is so much to each individual shape!!! the overall background with white shapes creates an individual shape all its own giving this piece a near perfect sense of gestalt!! im so blessed to have you as a sensi!! you are still teaching me... indirectly... through you works!! I can see what you did to an extent and thus learn from it... just by knowing how to FULLY view your works!!
Great Thoughts Skip! I appreciate you taking your time to look at and comment on my drawings. I do believe that 'drawings' can teach us how to draw, so I am very happy and honored that you are learning as well as enjoying my drawings. This is one of my newest drawings to date, so your comments are most welcome!