" at the border " -pen & ink on paper -c2013ap

drawing by paul rodecker


this is very impressive... i can see so much detail...in such a small space...like im lookin between two walls...and this is what appears in the distance... JOB VERY WELL DONE SIR!!!
the level of detail on such a small horizontal plane is quite impressive and not quite like anything im used to seeing!! its like im looking between a space of two walls and that is what appears in the distance... like a view from a cage... a prison of some sort... JOB VERY WELL DONE INDEED!!!
Thanks Skip.

I love focusing some of my drawing energy on the 'edges' and 'corners' of the picture plane. I find many artists leave many opportunities there. It's important to 'scan' your artwork into a computer and look at it with an image-editing software program (ala photoshop). I do this a lot to 'see' my drawings in a different way. This helps me better decisions regards to my drawing choices.