" Ways of Nature " -charcoal, watercolor, inkwash -c2004

drawing by paul rodecker

This is a very-very small part of a very-very large drawing that (unfortunately) was thrown away by my prior Landlord. I had put the drawing outside (it was disassembled) to get rained on and to capture some 'marks from nature', and the landlord thought it was trash.

To be honest, I had most of the pieces 'face-down', to help the tape come loose. So, I can somewhat understand his confusion. However, he shouldn't have been throwing things away off my deck.

Anyway, I didn't make a bit deal about it. I forgave him, and we ended up being good friends.

I still miss the rest of this drawing. It was important in my development, but as with many things, it went on to live a different life elsewhere.