" Sculpture Head " -charcoal, inkwash -c1999

drawing by paul rodecker

I've done so many drawings since 1999. I really need to document as many of these drawings that I can. I'd love to get a count on the number of drawings I've done over these years. It's probably not as many as I think, but some kind of number would be nice to better judge how to go about these next 14+ years.

I haven't seen the drawing (pictured above) for years and years. Heck, the last time I remember seeing it was when I drawing it. That was back in c1999 (such a long time ago in so many ways). I've been trying to get my drawings more organized these days and that is how I ran into this drawing again. I found it, peeking out of a roll of drawings that was within a roll of drawings rolled up in a roll of unused drawing paper. I am pretty sure that is why it took me so long to find this and the other drawings in this particular roll. I assumed that all the paper in that role was unused. Life is weird and funny in such ways. However, when I unrolled the many various rolls of paper, I found a treasure trove of drawings I had literally forgotten about (until I saw them again...literally 14 years later).

Thus I re-discover again, the beauty and danger of drawing as much as I have. It's possible to forget and possibly lose large bodies of Artworks. I can only hope I've forgotten about more of these rolls. It's so nice to look at drawing's I've done (years later) with the eyes of a stranger.