" Gumball Rising " -marker, color pencils, watercolor paper -c2013f

drawing by paul rodecker

This drawing turned out to be the only successful part of a much larger drawing. The paper drawn on is Arches watercolor paper (cold-pressed). It's a great paper for drawing: it's a strong paper that can take a lot of drawing and erasing without getting damaged, it's watercolor paper, so naturally water-based media works great, and it comes in lots of sizes and thicknesses. It's probably in my Top 5 favorite papers for Art making.

The paper actually tore right across this drawing. I was more mad than sad because I was my fault. Rather than properly tearing it out, I did it hastily and almost tore it completely in half. I learned my lesson and have been less hasty about such things every since.

For this drawing, I used marker and color pencil. It was a fun drawing to create, and I am thinking about creating a whole field of them on a larger piece of paper (some time later this year).