" Figure in Room with Pillow " -charcoal, inkwash on paper -c2000

drawing by paul rodecker

Well, having to 'Move' can have it's benefits. I've been digging through old boxes, and much to my surprise, I have found so many drawings that were 'lost in time'. I still surprise myself. I have no idea why some of the drawings (I've been finding) are where they are in the first place.

I haven't seen the above drawing in the longest time. I just found it in a box that was up in my attic. It's a lonely drawing, so I guess being up in the attic for 5+ years is fitting.

This drawing is one of many drawings I created for an independent-study drawing course I took at UCF (Univrersity of Central Florida). I didn't realize I had drawn so many.

I remember one day back then, I drew 7 of these types of drawings: from start to finish. I was on a 'tear'. I love when I am able to get on a roll like that. If I remember correctly, I drew (literally non-stop) for like 36 hours. I laid down to sleep, but was so inspired, I got up and drew another 12 hours, before eventually falling asleep on my drawing table.

Those were some great drawing days.