" Everything in Nature Tangles " -graphite on bristol -c2011

drawing by paul rodecker

Here's a drawing I'd forgotten about. I was looking for some other illustrations I had done for a client of mine, when I came across this little drawing. I think this was back when I was seriously considering getting back into drawing figuratively. If I remember correctly, this drawing represents one of the rare times I've used graphite on Bristol Board. I was impressed by how the Bristol handled the graphite and the erasing. I had planned on experimenting more; but for various reasons, I never did get back to working this way. So this drawing is a bit of an anomaly.

Drawing  the figure and face was interesting, but I am pretty sure I enjoyed drawing the hair tendrils the most. I love working with the idea of overlap and interaction.

A former teacher told me something I'll never forget, and I think about her words often when drawing. She said: " Everything in Nature Tangles. "