" Drawing vs Drawing " -pen & ink -2013f

drawing by paul rodecker

The idea of having one of my drawings eating another drawing was very appealing to me. As was the idea of taking pre-existing drawings, and combining them (in photoshop) to created new drawings & new compositions.

One of my very important goals is to scan or photograph every drawing I’ve created, and catalog them by year, subject matter, medium, time, etc. With the use of ‘tags’ and ‘meta-data’, there is great command in calling the catalog in specifics.

It’s fun to find interesting ways my drawings can interact with each other. It’s very informative to see drawings that are 10 years apart, working together in the present, combining to show visual possibilities that are usually pretty cool. The question is:  re-drew these images back in the analog world? Or to continue them in digital? Sometimes, it takes both, but lately I’ve been deeply exploring drawing in digital. 

It’s been as giving as it’s been taking, but I am enjoying this new way of drawing.