" Do the Doodle " -pencil on paper -2013f

drawing by paul rodecker

I love sitting around waiting. That's not entirely true, but I have found 'sitting around waiting' to be a great time to doodle and sketch. I don't think this is the time get into the difference between: doodling, sketching and drawing, but if pressed, I would classify this above image to be a doodle.

What's nice about doodling is that most of the human population on this planet doodles quite a bit. Most people used to doodle while they were talking on the phone, but texting has taken away people's hands, and now there not as much phone doodling occurring anymore. Most of my doodling was done in Art History classes. It's not that I wasn't listening, as a matter of fact, I listened better while doodling. Doodling kept me focused.

Doodling can be informative for Art as well. Many of my better drawing ideas came from doodles. The loose carefree nature of the doodle allows for very beautiful natural gestural mark-making.

A good idea is to leave some paper and pens by where people sit. You'll find that people will naturally pick up the pens and start doodling. It's a great way to help people find their way back to drawing.