" Crackling's Edge II " -pen & inkwash c2011

drawing by paul rodecker

Here's another variation on using the paper's texture and how it interacts with ink to draw from. Using such stimuli as guidance has proven to be very effective (for me) in regards to creating marks in ways I typically would not. This variance helps my Art have 'range' beyond my typical tendencies. By seeing my typical marks next to non-typical marks helps me find more opportunities and directions for my Art.

This drawing is on Arches cold-pressed watercolor paper using pen and orange ink-wash.



Brandon said…
I love this. Working on different textures of paper can be fascinating,and I really appreciate being able to see how the grain of the surface affected the direction of the paint in this work, which is then highlighted by your amazing and detailed pen skills. (The paper seemed to react beautifully with the ink.) This image strikes me as extremely meditative.
Thanks Brandon! I think texture holds so many possibilities when it comes to art-making. The texture of paper has taught me so much about drawing. Many times when I am not sure what to do with a drawing, I just follow the paper's texture for awhile. Once I get back into the flow of the drawing, I leave the texture's grooves and follow my own...for awhile, until I lose the flow...again. Such a cool adventure.