" As Above So Below " -ink & watercolor -c2012

drawing paul rodecker

This is a part of a drawing I created at Carrol Street Cafe. I met my fellow Artist-friend Sam Parker, and we worked on some drawings together. We ended up staying there all afternoon and into the night. Sam and I have been in the area for quite awhile now, so we saw many good friends, and met some really cool new people as well. There is something about drawing in public that is intriguing to the public. I am always very welcoming to anyone who is interested. I typically ask them if they would like to sit down and draw as well. Most say 'no', a rare few say 'yes'. Either way, I like the fact that drawing in public, seems to invite the public into a discussion about drawing.

It draws them in.

If you ever see me drawing in public, please stop by and say 'hello'. If you have some time, stay and draw awhile. This drawing was created on Bristol Board, using a Rapidograph pen and watercolors.