" Written Sketches II " -graphite 2012w

drawing by paul rodecker

Here's another Airport / Airplane drawing. In this case the flight was turbulent. So, I was drawing from the movement of the turbulence. I Thought the marks that were created were very beautiful, and using the turbulence for drawing helped me get through the experience in a more positive way.  I could tell most passengers were getting worried, but I just drew my way through the uncertainty.

Drawing has always helped me in such times, and I don't know what else would give me such powerful comfort. I count myself lucky to have my Art my Drawings to be there for me when I not my strongest. 

Life can be tough, but with my Art I've been tougher than what Life has thrown at me. I hope I can maintain such levels of existence as my future unfolds.



Catherine said…
Yikes. I would be one of the white-knuckled passengers, feeling the altitude suddenly drops a few hundred feet, leaving my stomach up where it was a millisecond ago.
I was white-knuckled as well. I just had a pencil strangled in my hand! Great to hear from you Catherine!