" Written Sketches " -graphite c2012w

drawing by paul rodecker

I've been doing a lot of traveling around the holidays over the past few years. So, I've found 'airport' and 'airplane' time to be great for drawing. My typical plan is to start drawing immediately when I get to my gate at the airport, get on the plane (when I'm told), and then get back to the drawing. I usually get in a good 3-hours of drawing.

I still find it interesting how other people like to watch me and my drawings as we progress. This is especially true of the people who happen to be seated around me (whether on a plane, bookstore, meetings, etc).

To be honest, I've drawn in the public domain so much now, that I forget it can be something new for the non-artists who happen around me. If they are really brave, they'll approach me and ask me things like: -are you drawing?  -What are you drawing? -What is that? -Is that a drawing? -What's it supposed to be? -How long have you been working on that? ...etc.

I find all those questions interesting, and I am thankful for any chance to talk to someone about drawing. But i do have to hold myself back when they ask me "if I am drawing?", because I could have some pretty funny answers to that question!



Anonymous said…
I really love this drawing. It is different than your others yet the same. It has the same voice of paul rodecker but looks like if paul rodecker disguised his voice to be deep and mysterious on the phone. If that makes sense.