" as if to draw a whisper " -pen & ink c2012

drawing by paul rodecker
I've been meaning to share my thoughts with my drawings for the longest time. Let's hope I can keep it up, and that it's not to boring. Anyway, here we go!

This is an interesting part of a much larger drawing. To be honest, I don't remember drawing this area, and I have rarely given it any attention. However, what's nice about spending time with anything (or anyone) is one eventually gets a chance to notice even the unnoticeable. My time drawing and the drawings that have resulted have helped me notice parts of my life that have gone unnoticed for years. I believe every part of ourselves is amazingly important.

I did this drawing back in 2004 (I think), and not until today did I ever really notice this area. It's such a subtle area. It's not over done. Instead it's more like a whisper, or a hint of what it could be. I like that. The ability to stop a drawing right at the point before it starts to take on a particular and undeniable direction is an interesting one.

I would like to draw in whispers for a while.