" Red Skeleton " pen & ink c2012w

" Red Skeleton " -pen & ink c2012w by paul rodecker

I love drawing skeletons. They look cool, but more importantly they are the inner-structure that makes up all us humans. Without our skeletons, we'd just be amorphous pile of muscle & flesh.

This drawing is the 2nd Red Skeleton drawing I created. The idea was to finish all of this skeleton with red dots (only using line for the outer edges of the skeletal forms). However, As the drawing progressed, I found I liked the unfinished look more. It had a more interesting balance and stronger contrast. I think with the next drawing, I'll use dots for everything, even the outer edges. I have a feeling the exclusive use of dots will help the drawing have a more unified look (perhaps in shadow area I'll use real close dots, or lines to help give the drawing visual weight).

The pen I used for this drawing was a .25 Rapidograph, which is by far the most successful small tipped pen they make. Rapidograph does have two smaller sizes (.18 & .13), but they always clog and I can never get them unclogged. However, the .25 can be unclogged and most quality ink runs through it evenly. I was not happy with the paper I chose for this drawing. I used a thicker drawing paper and it overly sucked up my ink. So, I had to put in at least twice as much time and ink to get this skeleton to the level the first reached. However, the ink saturated too deep into the paper, and the areas of the skeleton with lots of dots got too dark. Thus, lots of delicate detail areas got 'flooded' out and were lost. Kind of a bummer. Next skeleton drawing I am going back to the Bristol Board I used on the 1st skeleton drawing.

Lots of skeletons. Lots of fun.