" The Poetic Needle "

" The Poetic Needle " -pen ink marker c2012s -drawing by paul rodecker

This drawing was from a much larger drawing that proved to be unsuccessful. To be honest, the larger drawing turned out to be a complete failure. By failure I mean it reached a point were I just stopped working with it.

Actually, The only time I am done working on a drawing is when stop drawing on it. Usually the reasons I stop working on a drawing have little to do with the drawing itself. Instead, my life gets in the way. In most cases, after a significant amount of time away from the drawing, I am too disconnected from it, and the drawing is finished. Sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way.

In other situations, like the above drawing (cut from a larger drawing), it's a combination of good and bad. It's a bummer that the 'whole' drawing fell apart like it did, because it was a brand new type of drawing-paper I had discovered, and I was excited about its potential. The paper was a thick Bristol-Board that was exclusively made for 'Dry' and 'Wet' media. Although, I've used wet and dry media on bristol-board before, I was interested in seeing how much wet and dry the new bristol-board could take. Certainly, my experimentation and risk-taking contributed to my drawing's failure, but inside that large-loss I found the above-featured small moment of success.

In this regard, Drawing and Poetry are alike, and both need the other. 

A Poet writes so many lines with so many different combinations of words, creating haystack after haystack, trying to find their Poetic Needle. The Drawer draws those haystacks, over and over again, until they find their Poetic Needle was already in their hands.