" Of Friends and Drawing "

My friend has been asking me for quite awhile to help her with her drawings. I’ve been resistant because I’ve never had private drawing lessons be that successful. Most people just won’t or can’t dedicate the time it takes to learn drawing. However, I was impressed by her persistence, so I had her come to my studio to give it a shot.

I had a specific drawing lesson planned out to help her get started, but she felt she needed to watch me draw to understand what I was saying.  Watching someone draw can be very helpful, and luckily I already had a large drawing set-up that I had been working on for awhile. So I started drawing as she attentively watched. I was impressed by her astute questions, and interesting analyses of my Drawing actions.

As I was drawing, she unexpectedly placed her drawing hand upon my drawing hand. It took me by surprise, but she explained that she needed to ‘feel’ what it was like to move and draw like I did. It was a bit uncomfortable at first, as the act of drawing is very personal experience, and intimate in its space. However, I was impressed with her strong desire to learn. So I kept drawing, even though it was physically awkward. My hand felt heavy with her weight. However, as our bodies became synchronized, our drawing movements became fluid and my hand felt lighter than on it’s own.

It some point, I wasn’t sure who was drawing. It was like the paper was a Ouija board, our hands the planchette, as our channel movements were transcribed by the drawing tool.

It was a successful yet unexpected drawing lesson, where I was reminded again, that being a teacher means never forgetting how to learn.