" Inner Web " -pen, ink, wacom c2012j

" Inner Web " -pen, ink, wacom c2012j drawing by paul rodecker

I am always interested in how most people believe they understand what drawing is. Most people assume they know enough about drawing to form the opinion that they cannot draw. Everybody can draw, and in unexpected ways, they draw everyday. How well they draw is another story, but I guarantee they can draw better than they can judge how well they draw.

So, what is drawing? Let's get some thoughts from some very famous Artists:

“In spite of everything I shall rise again: I will take up my pencil, which I have forsaken in my great discouragement, and I will go on with my drawing.”
- Vincent van Gogh

"Matisse makes a drawing, then he makes a copy of it. He re-copies it five times, ten times, always clarifying the line. He's convinced that the last, the most stripped down, is the best, the purest, the definitive one; and in fact, most of the time, it was the first. In drawing, nothing is better than the first attempt.”

“Drawing is putting a line (a)round an idea.”
- Henri Matisse

“I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies.”
- Le Corbusier

“He who pretends to be either painter or engraver without being a master of drawing is an imposter.”
- William Blake

“Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.”
- Salvador Dalí

"Drawing and color are not separate at all; in so far as you paint, you draw. The more color harmonizes, the more exact the drawing becomes. When the color achieves richness, the form attains its fullness also."
- Paul Cézanne.

"The essence of drawing is the line exploring space."
- Andy Goldsworthy

"It is only by drawing often, drawing everything, drawing incessantly, that one fine day you discover to your surprise that you have rendered something in its true character."
- Pissarro

"From the age of six I had a mania for drawing the shapes of things. When I was fifty I had published a universe of designs. but all I have done before the the age of seventy is not worth bothering with. At seventy five I'll have learned something of the pattern of nature, of animals, of plants, of trees, birds, fish and insects. When I am eighty you will see real progress. At ninety I shall have cut my way deeply into the mystery of life itself. At a hundred I shall be a marvelous artist. At a hundred and ten everything I create; a dot, a line, will jump to life as never before. To all of you who are going to live as long as I do, I promise to keep my word. I am writing this in my old age. I used to call myself Hokusai, but today I sign my self 'The Old Man Mad About Drawing."
~ Hokusai

“While I drew, and wept along with the terrified children I was drawing…”
- Kathe Kollwitz

“A line is a dot that goes for a walk.”
- Paul Klee

“Drawing is not the form; it is the way of seeing the form.”
- Degas


Karie said…
I like the Paul Klee quote, it sounds like something he would say.
Hey Karie!
Great to hear from you. Paul Klee is amazing, and it does sound like something he would say. I love he drawings from music as well. I've been checking out your blog. It's looking great! Hope to see you soon.