" Figure Line Color " -c2013j

drawing by paul rodecker

I've spent the last 7 years of drawing exploring the idea of Maximum. One of my goals during this time was to fill my drawing 'space' as much drawing-marks as possible while still leaving enough empty 'space' so my drawing would not engulf itself. I've found the edge between 'space' and 'lack of space' to be wider than expected, and I've explored this interstitial realm with my drawings to great effect.

Such one-sidedness in focus could be viewed as limiting. However, a good way to learn 2 is by mastering 1.

By learning the Art of Maximum, I had to effectively learn how to avoid the 'Minimum', and avoiding the Minimum was not easy. There were so many (so so many) moments during my Drawing process, where I found incredibly beautiful Minimal passages in my drawings that sang with clarity and efficiency. I struggled with the idea of keeping my goals in control, or letting the drawing's various states control my decision making. Eventually, mostly, I stuck with my plan and left those Minimal moments (no matter how wonderful) behind and continued to draw beyond them.

It seems however, I’ve gained an unexpected understanding of the Minimal because I’ve encountered (and had to move-on-from) so many Minimal drawing moments during my Maximal drawing journey. I believe, If I had only been in search of Minimalism I never would have encountered so many Minimal drawing moments. If for any reason because my search would have been a Minimal one.

Eventually, I realized my Maximal drawings were actually the resulting combination of many many many Minimal drawings, and those Minimal moments were not lost! Instead, they were sealed in time by the Maximal marks that encased them. Almost like fossilized remains held in place by the drawing marks that drew from them. 

The only reason I did not realize this sooner, was because I was very good at connecting the Minimal drawings into 1 Maximal Drawing. I was able to see my drawings as puzzles that were intricately pieced together.

So, now I must learn how to take apart these drawing puzzles; to better understand how I drew them together, and to unearth my Minimal drawings again.


It’s time to start digging.