" Figure in Rest " charcoal & inkwash c2000

drawing by paul rodecker

This is such an interesting drawing in many ways. It's completely unlike how I typically work. It's part of a series of 7 drawing I did over a 2-day span. I never worked like this again, and I cannot remember how I actually made this (or the other 6) drawings.

I will admit, I've tried to recreate this look of drawing, but to this day, I have failed. Something happened during those 2 days, I've never been able to get back.

The drawing themselves we're fueled by a summer independent drawing course I took at the University of Central Florida with Carla Poindexter. It was a wonderful experience, and wonderful independent study. Carla was/is an excellent teacher, and UCF was a perfect school for my undergrad.

I used to love drawing the figure back then, and what's cool is, I am starting to find the love again!

Happy Drawing my Friends,