" Figure Drawing " -graphite c2013

drawing by paul rodecker  

The consonance and dissonance of my multiple beliefs pertaining to what is successful and or not successful in relation to my drawings along with what they signify is in a constant state of flux.  Pertaining to this issue of meaning, I am reminded of a quote by Joan Mitchell, an American Abstract Expressionist Painter (1926-1992), was asked during an interview what her painting meant, and I found her answer to be honestly elusive;

“ What it means?  It seems very clear what it means.  I can't say it but the painting makes it clear.  If I don't know, then it's not working, if it seems right to me, then it has a meaning, but I can't tell you what meaning.  I can't be more specific then that.  It works when it means something, when I don't question it anymore. “

I relate to that quote because I feel content/meaning is elusive.  It is a lot like an energy pattern that is quite finicky; will usually only show up in the artwork when things are going well, and tends to disappear as fast as doubt in the artist arrives.  Much like the rising and the falling of the sea, content emerges and submerges with the ebb and flow of my work.