" Drawing Qoutes " -pencil, pen & marker

drawing correspondence by angus galloway & paul rodecker

The idea of letting someone else draw on your drawing is an invasive one, yet I find it interesting how surprised people are about entertaining such an idea. Drawing is about many things, but mostly, drawing is about learning. I guess that's why I've shunned away from illustration. It always seemed less about learning and more about showing. I don't mind either, and frankly they are more similar than different, yet I've typically gravitated towards the learning aspect of drawing.

I know that idea is debatable considering I have a drawing blog which 'shows' my drawings. However, my blog was created and has been kept due to something that is not expressible here, so I do appreciate understanding in that regard.

The above-pictured artwork was drawn by myself and my friend Angus Galloway in a series of Artworks called "Drawing Correspondence". Today's featured drawing began as a page of quotes from famous Artists, but then I started quoting myself and was told that probably wasn't a good idea. I thought it was, but I stopped the quoting and got back to drawing. The drawing on the quotes was my continual exploration of how nature grows. I don't think Angus drew on this drawing that much. Perhaps he added some of the background colors? I'll have to investigate that further.

"Drawing Correspondence" was a collaborative idea involving Angus and myself drawing on each-other's drawings. It was a wonderful experience. I learned so much about drawing working with Angus. He would draw in ways I never thought of, as I hope I did that same for him. The first Drawing Correspondence lasted only 97 days. The second one lasted over 2 years. It's hard to say if one was better than the other, but I'd have to side with the second Drawing Correspondence. Although the First one was the original.

Making Art for one's life can be a difficult experience, so my advice is to find some friends who love to make Art, and make some Art together!