" Drawing Models Drawing Friends " -graphite portrait gesture

drawing by paul rodecker

I love drawing the human figure and I love teaching drawing the human figure. Having a live model to draw is of upmost importance for any person wanting to learn figure drawing. Luckily I have a good friend who is willing to come to my studio and pose. It’s great practice for me, great for my Art, and I think great for her as well (she gets to keep the drawings of her she likes the best).

The Artist / Model relationship is an interesting one, and that relationship has a deep history. The intense and intimate relationships Picasso had with his models are very well documented and debated, and I am thankful and appreciative to all the Models who I have had the honor to draw. However, as important it is for the Artist and the Model to be comfortable with each-other, It’s best if the relationship stays professional.

This above Portrait-study is from a model I’ve worked with for awhile. She can hold a steady pose for a long time, has a classical body-type, and has a good sense of what kind of poses I am looking for. I can tell she enjoys modeling, and I think the above-drawing captures that joy successfully.