" Drawing Correspondence " by Angus Galloway and Paul Rodecker

drawing correspondence by angus galloway and paul rodecker

Drawing Correspondence is a collaborative art project by Angus Galloway and Paul Rodecker. The artists became friends as graduate students at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. While in school they worked together and cultivated an appreciation of each other’s unique drawing methods. In June 2005 Galloway relocated to New York, and in an effort to continue drawing, the artists purchased identical graph-lined journals. By mailing the journals back and forth, the artists were able to continue to collaboration by building on each other’s drawings.

The pages, which quickly became the sounding board for ideas, discoveries, and reflections, were eventually removed from the journal to allow the drawings to be worked on individually. Both artists now live and work in Atlanta, and their drawing correspondence continues to develop their understanding of communication through art.