"Drawing Academics" -graphite collage c2013j

I joined a Dart League for the first time in a few years. So, that felt good. I think it's something I'll look forward to doing. I find shooting darts to be very akin to drawing. This relationship is especially strong in regards to eye hand target coordination.

The above drawing is from a hand-out at a function to welcome in the new. It's minimal and invasive, however I believe it's a successful drawing in the subtle ways. It needs more line variety however.

I scanned the drawing then used a photo-editing program to adjust a' levels' function for cleaning the drawing to use a 'clone' tool which created the upper-left-hand-corner-area of the above drawing graphic jpeg.

My goal is to sketch more, and to explore my sketches more. Also, my drawings have been a bit mathematical (or so I was told) these days, and I like that. However, I am also going to be more expressive in my drawings for a while now. So, I am excited to see what those drawings will look like and am almost equally excited to share those drawings with you.