" Birds & Rabbits " -scalable vector drawing c2013j

a scalable vector drawing by paul rodecker

This drawing was inspired by my interest in symmetry, the artworks of Kara Walker, and the poetry of Maya Angelou. The drawing was created in a program called 'Sketchbook Pro' by Alias (they also create many other programs, but are very well known for their 3d animation program called Maya). 

I thought the original symmetry drawing was successful yet lifeless. I typically try to avoid any narrative in my abstractions as I do not like to take away from the viewers ability to 'see' how and what they 'see' want to see. However, in this case, I felt like the symmetry drawing has such a close kinship to the look of a cage that the addition of birds and rabbits was helpful and not a hindrance.

Looking at it now, it's much more interesting and alive than when it was only an abstraction. I may have to change some of my thinking!