Wow...I just found a very early version of this drawing....

drawing paul rodecker
This is cool. I was searching through some old external hard-drives, and I found this old photo of a very early version of one of my favorite drawings. It's so neat to see this drawing at this beginning stage.

I had forgotten how the order of events took place for this drawing. I always assumed the middle-left area had been developed first, and yet, now I can see that was not the case. So wonderfully cool.

What a different time it was for me when this drawing was happening. I love Art for such time-travel. Art can be an instant time-capsule of my past. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, either way it's one of the most honest expressions of my time on this planet I have found. ...and it was great to find this image.

Try to draw today, you can do it!
Paul Rodecker