making some art

“ inner totem ”

" A Price is Best Paid over One's Entire Lifetime "

Time is a great teacher, but a LONG TIME is where lessons are truly learned.

' in the muddle '

Essence of Ebra

" Drawing Calm "

Me Myself and My Drawings

' Wicked Girl '

' Into the Deep '

" Drawing Self "

" I Learned my Lesson "

Semi-Blind Self-Portrait with thin sharpie

Sleeping baby

" my pleasure my pain "

" You can get help from teachers, but you are going to have to learn a lot by yourself, sitting alone in a room." ~Dr. Seuss

“Things come apart so easily when they've been held together with lies.” ~Dorothy Allison


Trust is given. lack of Trust is earned.

" We Love to hang onto what Rips us to Shreds "

The Good of Night

' Living Colors '

Traces of Faces

Studies in Layering...


the show that wasn't seen...


Oodles & Doodles..


Drawing and Music by Paul Rodecker


Control Center

cool happenings on the palette

Soft Pastels and Gesture



Experiments in PhotoShop


" Drawing Nest "

" Erasing Remains "

Hands of Drawing

Qoute & Image of the Day

Drawing Tools of the Day: ' General's Pencils '

' thinking the same thing about the same thing '

the hands that draw...

The best tool I have ever found.

Paul Rodecker

Life is funny...

' Dot Calm '

" Darkness Moves "