Drawing the Void


Drawing in the Red Journal with Red ball-point pen.


Tres Swygert said…
You always seem to have a control on your insanity Paul! Something I always admired with your drawing skills. :)

Going to push to where I at least draw half as much as you do everyday. Or just as much. :) That's my goal this year. Thanks for always being an inspiration and an example. :) - Roy (aka Tres).
Thank Tres. The trick or goal is to never 'give up'.

Never Give up!

Most people I have met over the years -give up- when it gets 'to hard'. They seem to think that 'it should be easier', as if something being 'hard' is an indication that there must be something wrong with it.

Completely wrong.

Most anything worthwhile is going to be incredibly difficult, or else everyone would be doing it, and it would loose it's special quality.

I'll argue til my end, that the worst time to give up on something (or someone) is when it starts getting tough. That is what most people do, and, I believe, that starts a dangerous trend of 'giving up' instead of 'working through and defeating a problem'.

When things seem their bleakest, that is the exact time to keep going. On the other side of the bleakness are great fields of undiscovered opportunities for the souls who refuse to let 'something being hard and difficult' get in the way of their goals and dreams.

If you never give up, there is always hope, and life is so much better when your hopeful about it.

Good skill and luck,