The Devil is in the Details


moca_detail_04 moca_detail_01 moca_detail_02 moca_detail_03

This is a Pen (copic 003) and Ink drawing, on Arches Hot Pressed 190lb Watercolor paper. With this drawing, I am exploring form and it’s interaction with itself and the space that envelops it. I find drawing solutions in the nature of everyday events and their actions, interactions, and reactions to their encounters with various environmental factors. This drawing is a mix of intuition, intellect, time, dedication, and discovery.

I like how this drawing seems to be crashing and almost exploding out of itself. It’s the battle we all fight our entire lives. The battle for space. Inside this space, my drawing is being created and destroyed at the same time.

I drew this for The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia’s 2010 live auction happening Saturday April 10th from 6:30pm to 10pm.


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