Under-Grad Self Portrait Sampler


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Here are a few samples of my under-grad self-portraits. The
Rules were simple. Spend 4 hours looking at/drawing yourself
in front of a mirror. I never drew from life, and I struggled
greatly with my first self-portrait (not pictured). Honestly,
I did not like drawing myself from a mirror, and I hoped I
wouldn’t have to do it again. Of-course, I ended up having
to draw many self-portraits, and still draw them today.

I learned many things about drawing and about myself during
those countless hours staring/drawing myself from the mirror.
It was my first (quite literal) attempt to put myself in my

It worked so well that I required all of my students draw
self-portraits as well. The ingredients: only themselves, a mirror,
charcoal, erasers, string, ruler, 4 hours, and a whole lot of

Your welcome :)