This is a small sliver from a larger drawing I am currently working on. This is being drawn freehand with:

.13/.18/.25/.30/.60/1.20 – Rapidograph pens

The paper is Arches hot-pressed 100% cotton watercolor paper. The image is represented slightly larger than the original. Currently the drawings' total size is 21'” x 16”.

I’ve spent at least 100+ hours on this drawing.

It will need a couple hundred more hours at least.

Probably more.


Austin Dodson said…
Looks awesome! I'd like to see more.
Thanks Austin.
I've been working on our drawing collaboration as well, and I look forward to sending them back to you to work on!

I hope all is well.

PAUL come back to State!!!! Life drawing is not that much fun with out you!! Im upset i wasnt able to take it when you were here. Your work is inspiring to see!
Thanks Sarah. I appreciate your good words. I wish we could have worked together with Life Drawing, but then again, you've probably had enough of me! (j/k)

I am sure you are in good hands. I hope you are well, and thanks for commenting on my blog.

Have a great day!!
Thanks Robin!

It would be great for you to see it in person. The drawing has grown quite abit. I've had some pen issues I've been struggling with so we shall see if I can back to working on this drawing sooner than later.

Have a great day!