Self Portrait by Paul


This Under-Graduate self portrait is drawn on 24”x36” Arches Cover drawing paper with a various number of thin black sharpies. There are some light charcoal marks in the background, but those mark were from a previous drawing that was erased back.

It might be hard to notice (which was my intent) but the paper has been cut down and has had paper added as the size and shape of the picture plan was continually altered as the drawing progressed.

At some point in the drawing, I realized I had drawn my hair really big/tall. I hadn’t stood back for quite awhile so I missed this hair-growing event. I think I cut out about a 1-inch slate from the middle of the hair. I then lowered the top of the hair, and re-connected the hair together. If you look close enough it should be fairly easy to see where the hair does not line up.

It’s a much more intense drawing then I remember, and the lines look like many/most of them where drawn loosely and confidently.
I like how the sharpies bleed a bit when the pen is held on one place for longer than a second, leaving a rounded end to lines and points.

I’d like to do a 6-foot x 4-foot version of this drawing, with basically the same size pens.


Robin said…
Paul, I adore the hair: texture, shape, scale, ect. I wonder only if you still have the portion you cut down. Interesting!
Aubyn said…
jesus, your professor must have hit the floor (is that a real expression?)!
Hey Aubyn,
I hope you are well. Thanks for checking out my blog.

I am not sure about the expression. I know I spent many hours staring in the mirror for that drawing. So, after all that time I might have ended up with that expression on my face.

I am glad you are taking Life Drawing, and I certainly wish that you could have taken it with me. It would have been good, however, I am certain you are in good hands.

You need to get your blog up and running, and shoot me an email when you get a chance.

Thanks for your good words in regards to my drawing.

That is a great question. I haven't seen it in years, but I rarely if ever throw drawings away, so I must have it somewhere.

I kind of remember seeing it, but I cannot place where.

I will be looking for it now, and i will let you know if I find it.

I hope you are well, and thanks again for consistently visiting/commenting on my blog.