Figure and Pillow


This is another “figure/pillow” study I did in an attempt to better Understand relationships between the natures of human and non-human forms.

Notice how the pillow echoes the shape of the female model holding it. Thus, it would make sense that a person could learn quite a bit about the human figure by doing many different types of pillow studies.

Drawing the figure, pillow, and how the forms react to one another is a great way for an artist to have one form help him/her understand the other.

This (12” x 3.5”) drawing was created with black & white charcoal, ink/wash, on cream Arches cover (paper). Arches cover is an excellent drawing paper that comes in many different types of sizes, (i think) weights, and colors. The front and back textures of Arches cover are slightly different so make an effort to draw on both sides to see what works the best.