the fly and the wasp


I thought it was going to be yet another common morning. I was standing on my back deck looking at my backyard world, drinking semi-warm coffee, and thinking about stuff. I realized how much bigger my kitchen was when the back door was opened completely to my deck. The back door being open in such a way is quite a common occurrence, but never had I seen it in such a way. It was a clear way of seeing something exactly as it is in relation to oneself. A bit like drawing.

The air smelled so fresh. I find that remarkable considering I live right next to a major highway. The fresh morning was seasoned with Erin's "Live Pink Floyd tape" playing in the background mixed with the sizzle of chicken cooking for my first meal of the day. The days start a bit later than they used to, and I am completely fine with that.

I was in harmony with my surroundings and was sinking into an unexpected calm awareness.

That is when the fly buzzed by me. It came closer to me than It needed to as it invaded my kitchen. I knew right then the fly was screwing with me big time. I watched it as it somewhat leisurely fly by me into the kitchen. It did not realize I was coming for it. Insect versus man was about to become MAIN stage. It was surprisingly easy to cut the fly off. The problem was getting the fly back outdoors. That has always been the problem for humanity, how to keep the damn flies out. In this case however, I had the fly's number. I guided the fly, step by step by step by cut by angle by quickness by intuition from the kitchen back outside. I made sure the fly was gone, had left, was nowhere to be seen, vamoose.

It was beautiful for a second, until the wasp came calling. It was flying fast and was heading right towards me and my kitchen. My instinct was to slam the door shut. Instead, I stood my ground. The wasp made a cut to the right to veer around me and gain access to the great indoors. I calmly yet quickly lifted my hand and blocked it's path. The wasp quickly reversed and tried to pass me on the left. I was already there. My left hand succeeded like my right in walling off the now frustrated insect. It was a series of 5 or 6 quick "hands versus wasp" moments that eventually backed the insect off. As it moved back I moved forward and calmly guided the wasp past the open screen door to new and different adventures (away from my kitchen). It was quite an amazing morning. I wonder what insect invasion tomorrow will bring?

No insects or humans were injured during the above mentioned encounters.


Tres Swygert said…
Always fun reading your posts Paul! I just want to say I miss you teaching at Georgia State. You really brought a lot of energy and passion and on a consistent level! I can say this year it's not the same without you in the art building. Hopefully we can meet up soon at a Starbucks...with sketchbooks! :D Hope to talk to you soon Paul, I'm still grateful for your wisdom, challenges, and confidence you placed in my life.

- Roy
Thanks Roy,
I miss teaching at GSU as well, but I do have a lot more time to draw! So that is good.

Thanks as always for your good words, and I look forward to doing some drawing with you.

Have a great day.
America said…
How is it that the wasp didn't retaliate against you? Must have been a very patient wasp.
I was in complete harmony with everything at that moment. It must have been the incredibly strong coffee I had that morning!