Journal drawing - "the space of text"

Rodecker - Journal Drawing 333, originally uploaded by prodecker.

If your like me, you probably have various journals that are unfinished and scattered here there and everywhere.

Yesterday, I went on a "find all my darn journals" day. It's part of my attempt to get as completely organized as possible (for me). Thus, the journals were a small part of a bigger over-all goal of finding where things are and either leaving them in place or putting in a better place. All together much was accomplished through-out the tedious yet important day.

In regards to the journal search, I found 3 of the 5 journals I had been unconsciously/consciously looking for off and on for quite a while. I also found a journal I had completely forgotten existed. What made it really nice was the forgetton-about-and-then-found journal was made up of quite a few interesting artworks (made by me).

The above image is of one of those drawings. Enjoy.


America said…
Beautiful, as usual, and subliminally poetic.
Thanks America. As always, I appreciate your comments. I am glad to see you are posting on your blog a bit more as well. Don't be a stranger and have a great day!