Friday Night Drawing Marathon

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What a great Friday night!

Rather than going out, my good friend LeeEddie, his friend Deidra, and myself decided to do a semi-exquisite-corpse drawing together. What we didn’t know was that we would end up working on it for over 10 hours straight.

We Started around 6pm Friday night, and didn’t stop working on it until 4:30am Saturday morning.
Wow. That was fun and intense. We were all so tired, but we just didn’t want to stop. Making art is so fun and intense when it gets its own momentum going like that.

Here’s a few facts about this work:
3 people (mentioned above) worked collaboratively on it (almost) continuously for over 10 hours until utter exhaustion won the battle.

The paper used was 190lb. Arches watercolor. it is 22inches wide and over 20feet long. I created it this way about 3 years ago, to someday make a long scroll-like drawing, but never got around to using it. So, when Deidra mentioned wanting to draw an exquisite-corpse drawing, I immediately knew what paper to get. It was a great idea by Deidra to be sure.

The materials used varied greatly. We used: pencils, charcoal, erasers, colored pencils, watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, our fingers, brushes, pesto (from our pizza and yes pizza sauce as well), a multi-vitamin (that surprisingly when rubbed very fast on the paper would tear the paper beautifully), stencils, scissors, determination, beer, our imagination, prior ideas, brush water, etc….

Currently, it stands over 9feet tall and 22inches wide, and because that paper itself is over 20feet, we plan to do this Friday Night Drawing Marathon again!

There were lots of great moments, and laugh out loud occurrences, as there were no rules and anybody could do anything they wanted. It was a wonderfully cool environment, and for three people working together on a drawing for the first time, I thought the drawing came out quite successful in many ways. I am just excited that it is not over, and the drawing has a lot more to offer.

So, why not give it a try? Rather than go out on a Week-end night, why not stay home, where it’s safer, and have a Drawing Marathon with some good friends and some good beverages.


Bud® said…
That's awesome! I've got to get my friends to do something like this.
Thanks bud, it was really really a great time. I can't remember having that much "group creative" fun in quite awhile. You should try to keep some decent art materials around, so when the moment is are ready!...
Robin said…
Very cool, Paul. I have been meaning to cut a scroll, such a great way to work. I am loving the process of working collaboratively like that, why not mix work, recreation, and fun into one process?
Very true Robin. Most people do not have enough time to do all the things they need/want to do, so it would seem intelligent to find a way to mix those elements together somehow in one place and time.

plus, working with others helps keep one motivated and engaged in the art-making process. It good to work alone, but not all the time.

Making Art is hard-work, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun-hard-work as well.