Drawing of the Day – “ memory fall ”



"…All great drawing is drawing by memory. That is why it takes so long to learn. If drawing were transcription, a kind of script writing, it could be taught in a few years. Even before a model, one draws from memory.

The model is a reminder. Not of a stereotype that you know by heart. Not even of anything you can consciously remember. The model is a reminder of experiences you can only formulate and therefore only remember by drawing. And those experiences add up to the sum total of your awareness of the tangible, three-dimensional, structural world.

A blank page of a sketch-book is a blank white page. Make one mark on it, and the edges of the pages are no longer simply where the paper was cut, they have become the borders of a microcosm. Make two marks on it of uneven pressure and the whiteness ceases to be whiteness and becomes opaque three-dimensional space that must be made less opaque and more and more lucid by every succeeding mark. That microcosm is filled with the potentiality of every proportion one has ever perceived or sensed. That space is filled with the potentiality of every form, sliding plane, hollow, point of contact, passage of separation one has ever set eye or hand on. And it does not stop even there. For, after a few more marks, there is air, there is pressure and therefore there is bulk and weight. And this scale is then filled with the potentiality of every degree of hardness, yieldingness, force of movement, activeness, and passiveness that one has ever buried ones head in or knocked it against.

And, from all of this one must select in a few minutes, as nature did through millennia, in order to create a human ankle, a human armpit with the pectoral muscle burying itself like an underground stream, or the bough of a tree. From all of this, one must select the one lock and one key…”

Extract from the novel “A Painter of Our Time”. First published by Secker and Warburg 1958.


Tres Swygert said…
Awesome quote you provided Paul! :) Something I can add to my notebook of quotes.
Thanks Roy, I hope your sketch book is continuing to fill up as well!
America said…
The foot/leg region is gorgeous.

As an aside, is that profile picture a recent one of you avec the new hair? You're looking absolutely dapper.
Thanks America, as I always, I appreciate your comments in regards to my art. I feel the foot/leg region to be the most successful area of the piece.

And super thanks for your comments in regards to my haircut. I know you've known me for so long with long hair, but typically I cut my hair short like this quite often.

Plus, thanks for using the word "dapper". Your the second person to say that in as many days. I've always liked that word since I saw "Oh Brother Where Art Thou".