Discovery of the Day – “blood man sailing”


I recently accidentally unknowingly cut my hand. I didn’t realize it was cut as it did not hurt, so the damage was not bad. It was the blood that caught my attention. I remember being very surprised by the amount of blood so such a little nick.

I have been especially amazed by the many places I have found my blood from that wound. I must have walked around my house for quite a bit, touching, grabbing, leaning on, and just doing the stuff I do, not realizing i was leaving a blood trail behind me.

This little guy (above created completely accidentaly) was found on the edge of my washer machine.I typically like to sit on my washer machine when hanging out in my kitchen. I have to use both my hands on either side of the washer to get up on the washer to sit on it. This “print” or “impression” was made from my cut-right-hand as I was jumping up on my washer. It is a small image measuring 1" wide x 3/4" high. My bleeding-right-hand could not have been there for more than a second or two (that is a very fast drawing for me!)

I figure the (little dude sailing) has been there since Thursday. I found him about 30 minutes ago (it is now mid-Saturday afternoon).

I have always seen such things, even as a child. I would see monsters in the folds of my cloths. I would be told there were no monsters there. I would then, precisely, explain what, where, and how I saw the monsters, and those who would try to comfort me would see the monsters as well. Then together we would make the monsters go away by shaking or moving the cloths to a different type of fold and placement. I was glad when the monsters went away.

In many ways, I am now searching for those monsters, with my art. Sometimes i find them on purpose, usually they show up completely on their own, other times they come spilling out of me.

I wonder who this little-blood-man is, and where is he sailing to? Either way, he waited for his opening and escaped.

Who am I to stop him?


Robin said…
If I am reading this right, I understand that this image was made completely accidentally, without purposeful influence? Whoa! Happenstance is amazing. Thanks for sharing this, Paul.

p.s. sorry about your hand
Yes...completely unplanned. My hand was bleeding, I didn't know it was bleeding, I put my bleeding hand (just for a second i figure)on the washer's edge to hop up on it, and (bam) there that cool little guy was.

Crazy stuff. The second I saw it, I grabbed my camera and captured it's image.

I love the nature of things.

As for my hand, it's cool. Plus it was my non-drawing hand. Although I draw with it sometimes.

Thanks Robin!
muteklap said…
had a weird dream the other nite about my mom..wasnt really my mom but a woman that comes and eats lunch where i work,,she says my eyes are red...i assumed her eyes were bloodshot or something but turns out all she saw was red...she had a horrific look in her eyes and then all of what i saw was red...was a nightmare...anyhow, thought i should share....i normally drink enough so that i dont remember dreams but this one i thought i should share...also made me think of your drawings....the red ones.
Thanks for your many responses to my posts. I appreciate them greatly.

That sounds a like a really cool weird scary dream. I like it.

Yes, my Red Drawings. They are another story indeed. Hopefully, I am done with them for a bit. Thanks for thinking about them. I think about them quite a bit.
KW said…
Wow! This is fantastic if I do say so myself. Very perspacacious indeed.

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Aubyn said…
There used to be a really scary old man with a little demon buddy in the texture of my bedroom wall when I was 5-8 years old. I would stare at it at night and then conjure my imaginary friendly bigfoot to protect me.