Photo of the day - “Sink Stuff”

rodecker_sink_stuff I am interested in what people keep around their sinks. The reason I find it interesting is because “Sink Stuff” is in common view. One cannot help but to see what is in front of them, on the other-hand it’s quite intrusive to open a person’s cabinet. With that in mind, this is what is around my sink. Most of it could be put somewhere more efficient, but I cannot seem to get around to such things.

1. bausch and lomb – Red Eye Remover: good stuff, very easy on my sensitive allergy eyes, and I can aim it real well. Right into my eyes. Bam. My eyes are white and beautiful.

2. Candle: there is no reason for it to be there and yet there it is. Stuff like this drives me crazy and I find stuff like this everywhere.

3. Oil of Olay facial cream: It is not mine. Really it is not mine whatsoever. I did try it once and it made my face soft. I keep trying to throw it away, but I think it might be nice for quests.

4. Uncertain bottle: I could go check, but if I do not know what it is it probably doesn’t need to be there. Just a space-taker.

5. Nivea aftershave: really good smelling effective aftershave. It smells so good that sometimes I wear it as cologne. I’m almost out (which is bad) because it’s kind of expensive. I’ll have to try to stretch it out. No more using it for cologne.

6.Razor: it’s been lurking back there for awhile. It’s probably still good (3-blade technology) I just have to remember it’s there when I have to shave. I have a place for it, yet there it stays. It’s just not irritating enough to be dealt with I guess.

7. Zinc: Nature Made it (so the label says). it’s 30milligrams. Ever since I started taking zinc with my regular vitamin regime, I rarely get sick. True story. Do not chew these! Swallow whole with water or something.

8. Axe body spray: Okay I know what most are thinking, but really I bought it because it was on super-sale and it actually smelled good. It was like $2 and this version is called “Clix.” I also wanted to see if the effect would be like on the commercials. It has not been like the commercials.

9. Empty bottle: yep, and there is sits. I keep thinking I may need it for something. It was used as a container i could put liquid in for a flight to Minnesota. It’s empty now, it needs to be washed out and put away or thrown away. It will continue to sit there more than likely.

10. Ibuprofen (target brand): I’ll by any business’ version of Ibuprofen. The cheapest wins. Ibuprofen works better than aspirin for me. Aspirin tears my stomach up pretty good. These ones are really red and their sugar coating makes them taste better than you would think. Ibuprofen is not candy, and should be used responsibly.

11. Armpit deodorant (by degree): I had to go grab it to remember what kind it was. It’s made for men (that’s good). This product guarantees odor protection and uses “silver Ion” technology. I got it because it also said “intense sport” on it, and I wanted to be intense with my sports. It works kinda okay, but I will try something new next time. There’s lots of choices and I can’t wait for this one to run out. Sometimes I put extra on just to get through it.

12. Target brand Anti-cavity/Fluoride Rinse: That’s a mouthful. This stuff is good and there’s a lot of it. Target always wants me to compare their stuff to the stuff they blatantly copy. That kind of makes me mad, but when looking at the ingredients (usually) they are exactly the same. In this case the Target copy was missing one ingredient the original product had. I asked some guy next to me about it, and he said not to worry about it, so I didn’t, and I bought the Target one. $2 Cheaper baby!

13.Target brand Antiseptic Oral Rinse: This one was blue so I figured it would do something different for my mouth than the purple colored one. Everything that was said about #12 is consistent; except (I was glad to see) that with this one, the ingredients where exactly the same as to the Crest Pro-Health Rinse (it was exactly copying). This stuff fights gingivitis and plaque, while killing germs that cause bad breath. It’s got CPC in it. I have no idea what that is, but I still use it. It’s mint flavored, but because it’s blue and not green, my mind has a hard time accepting it’s mintiness. I have to go put it back now. Amazingly, this is the first time it’s been out of the bathroom since it was brought in there to do its job. I hope it enjoyed its little vacation. I’ll have to do that with more of my bathroom stuff.

14. Colgate toothpaste: I am not to impressed with this version of this brand, so it’s not going to get the full review intensity that the last bathroom product enjoyed. Nor is it going to get to leave the bathroom. Instead I am going to use it up and throw it away. Much like how many of my girlfriends have treated me. Did I say that out loud? I apologize but I am not sorry. I like to brush my teeth.

15. It’s my Toothbrush!: I use it to brush my teeth. I try to brush my teeth after every meal. However, I find that very difficult because I have to leave the house and sometimes I eat at locations where my toothbrush and toothpaste are not located. I have gotten very efficient at brushing my teeth, and I usually walk around the house while I am brushing. I find that wandering around like that helps me brush my teeth longer. Sometimes, I’ll be in such deep thought, I will find myself brushing me teeth without realizing I started brushing me teeth.

16. Soft-Soap Hand Soap: This version is from their “elements” division and smells like “black raspberry and vanilla.” I can tell you it smells damn good. It really makes me want to wash my hands a lot. Also, I can tell who washes their hands or not, because the bathroom smells like black raspberry and vanilla if they do, and it’s doesn’t smell as good if they don’t wash their hands. Please wash your hands after using the restroom. Do it for the children.

17. Aveda Men Pure-Formance Liquid Pomade: This is one of my pure guilty pleasures. Alright it’s not a pleasure, but it smells good and works well. By that I mean, I get out of the shower, dry my hair (partially), and then run some Aveda through my hair and I am done! No work at all. Just how it’s gotta be. This stuff is expensive (for me anyway) so if anyone has a suggestion for a comparable yet as effective brand, please let me know. It makes my head smells good for a little while. It’s good to have a good smelling head.

18. Target Moisturizing Lotion: this is unscented and says it’s for dry skin (which kind of makes sense). It tried to get me to compare it to the brand it copied, but to honest I do not compare anymore, I just buy the cheaper one that says it’s as good as the more expensive one (makes my shopping faster). My Mom came for a visit and she said it works really well. I am glad she liked it. To be honest I rarely ever use it. I just hate having to wait for my hands to not be lotiony.

19. Sam’s Club! Omega 3, 6, and 9 Dietary Supplement: This is a big bottle! It’s Sam’s Club’s premium “Member’s Mark” brand. It is said (by this container) that Omega 3,6, and 9 helps support heart health, keep joints, brain, and skin stay healthy, and helps maintain triglyceride levels (at the best levels I assume). The container says to take 2-a-day, but I just take one at night after I eat. It’s good to take your vitamins (if you believe in taking vitamins) after you eat to help your body absorb them more efficiently. I got 325 of these babies for only $10. Now that’s a Sam’s Club deal!

20. Random Toilet Paper roll: It shouldn’t be on my sink. It should be on the toilet paper roll wall hanger holder thing, and yet there it sits on my sink always getting wet by the sink water splashing. I really need to make the move and put the toilet paper where it belongs. This is the kind of procrastination that is taking me down.

21. A brown towel: This should have been called #22, because of it’s location, but I had a Photoshop issue, so, it is now the brown towel that is #21 on this sink stuff list. The nice part of this towel story is that my Mom bought it for me. She said I needed nicer towels; we acted on that thought, and got me some towels. It’s a good towel. How many times can one use a towel before it should be washed? I mean, a person is clean when leaving the shower (if everything went well), so the towel doesn’t ever really get dirty. right? I don’t know, but anyway, notice where the towel is hanging? I thought that was a creative use of space by placing that towel hook in that location. Notice the electrical outlet it not obscured? Nice!

22. A brown washcloth: this goes with the brown towel. Notice both being used together for bathroom color coordination. This is a major advancement in my bathroom etiquette, prompted by my Mom, and continued by extreme dedication. It is very difficult keeping these types of things together and ready to go when needed. I do, however, end up however using the washcloth for basic sink clean-up, and then cannot use it for my face. Thus I am forced to use a towel that is hanging up instead. I have yet to find a good place for the washcloth. It’s awkwardly small to hang up, but kind of too big to put on the shelf. I’ll have to work on that.

So there you go. I hope you enjoyed your tour through my bathroom sink area. I had a great time sharing some of these important elements with you, and I look forward to having more to share in the future. Have a great day, and don’t forget to give some of your bathroom items a little free time outside the john!


Spider G said…
I'll be perfectly honest - I am impressed; I divide my time between two sinks in two seperate homes, and frankly they're both sparser than the Gobi most of the time, And I use most of my "essentials" maybe once a week or so (except...brushing...of course...)

Some things I thought funny:
2) Seems like most peple have a candle somewhere in there bathrooms...and may the Almighty strike them down if they so much as claim to know why it's there; 4) Mystery bottles almost never turn out to be of use. Unless they harbor a genie, and even then it's a stretch;
8)...Blasted lying commercials...
9)Free loader...needs recycling. Or another job.
11)Yes, I think we all need more "intensity" in our sports. And whatever "silver ion" technology is, if it's ultimate function in life is to clump around a bush of smelly armpit hairs, it's probably not as impressive as it sounds.
14)"I apologize, but I'm not sorry" - I am so using that.
20)Wow...really? I have found a kindred spirit.
KW said…
Kroger > Target
skip said…
Its interesting to note that [typically] the placement of the generic brands, [at least, in Target] is always to the right of the major brands because most people are right handed. So when you reach to grab something, you see the target brand.

And a LOD once told me that Oscar Meyer and some other large recognizable company makes our food target brands. It probably is comparable.
Robin said…
This made me laugh so hard!

3) Really? A little defensive arn't we? This is a difference between men and women. Women arn't pressured to not be masculine, but men sure are pressured to not be feminine (or possess any similarities, such as using a smelly face cream, if that is considered synonymous with being feminine). Funny.
7) "or something". This is a funny plea.
9) Recycle
16) This happens in my bathroom too. I have this natural wonderfully smelly soap and it fills the bathroom with a scent, even with the tiniest amount. I know if my guests do not wash thier hands. This happens too often.
21) Maybe try a plastic suction cup handle you can pop on (and off) a mirror or any tiled surface to put that rag. A few bucks, and the towel has a home forever.

I really enjoyed this.
Yoojong said…
I agree with Robin. Men are afraid about being even slightly viewed as sissy-like. It is really funny that a friend of mine(western dude) landed in Korean airport and thought that there are a lot of Korean gays. Guys use moisterizer in Korea and this is considered perfectly normal.
By the way, your picture made me laugh.
Spider G:
Thanks your your comments in regards to my post. I am glad my post was impressive to you (I was impressed myself).

responses to your responses:
2) indeed the "obligatory candle in the bathroom" is a mainstay in most households. I guess if the lights go out, one would not want to be without a light-source in the restroom.
4) After writing my post I discovered 2 more of those types of bottles. The count is ongoing.
8) Yes, commercials are bothersome. I really cannot draw effectively with commercials on.
9)My job is to eradicate all freeloaders in this house, and to always shut a cabinet door after it's opening.
11) My search continues for the perfect deodorant.
14) That's right, although I am a bit sorry....for them...:)
20) There are a few out there, one just cannot forget to search.

Thanks again Spider G, and have a great day.

All in all, I would have to say the Kroger "Private Select" brands are of a higher quality than the Target brands. So, I have to agree with you.

Thanks for you comment!
That is interesting about the "placement to the right" of advertiser's generic brands. Too bad for them, I am a "lefty". Perhaps that is why I have struggled so much down those treacherous Target aisles.

It is also true that major brands let companies like Target use their products with Target labels on them. The truth is out there somewhere. I heard there's a thing called the internet, and I may have to look into it.

Thanks for checking out and responding to my blog. Have you drawn today?
Linear Love Affair:

Yes I am a goof, and you are "a noticer of goofs", so there!

Thanks for your comment, and draw some today for old times!
Thanks Robin,
I had a fun time putting this blog together. I've been noticing stuff around my sink growing, so I figured it may be a good time to document what was there, to better understand what was needed and not needed.

Responses to your responses:
3)...Yes defensive...yes it's true..and I admit is mine! There, yes is was/is mine. Although I've had it for the past 5 years and it's still more than half full. I think it was the name "oil of olay" that captivated me. I like saying "olay" out-loud for no reason. OLAY!. Just like that.

7) Yeah, I have to be careful when writing these blogs. I do not want anybody chewing Zinc or anything like that.

9) You are right. I have and will even more.

16) Yup, I believe if everyone washed their hands more, this world would not be so full of sickness.

21) I would love for my towels to have a home forever. As a matter of fact I'd like to have a home forever as well.

Thanks Robin, I am glad you enjoyed this post. I've enjoyed your blog and flickr page as well.
Hey Yoojong,
thanks for commenting on my blog. I am glad you started your blog as well.

Moisturizer is good, and it smells nice!

Keep Drawing Yoojong!