Drawing of the Day - “Urform”


My “Urform” drawing was created with 379 red sharpies. I decided to use sharpies because I knew I was going to need a lot of whatever tool I decided on, and sharpies were available at almost all office supply and art stores.

The color red was chosen because of its visceral nature; which closely matched my inner-turmoil, and because red’s meaning is so fragmented it can represent the color of love and the devil at the same time which served beautifully as a metaphor for what I was experiencing.

The total size of “Urform” is 85’ x 8’. Most of the drawing was created on 13’ x 8’ sections, as that was the exact size of the largest wall in my studio. Other-sized pieces of paper were used to help finish the artwork in relation to the size and shape of the gallery. I had a basic idea of how “Urform” would look, but it was never fully assembled until it became installed in the space.

Once the sections where taped together on the gallery walls, the edges were blended-with red sharpies-to visually fuse the piece together by making it one with itself.

“Urform” was created over an intense 12-day period of non-stop drawing.


Tres Swygert said…
Inspirationally insane! :D I remember reading your thesis on this, and it's always great to see the final result of this composition. :)

Had no idea that it last 12 days though. Thought it might be longer.
Thanks Tres,
It was a strong productive 12-day period to be sure.

Now, when 12-days pass, I realize how much I've done or not done by comparing my production versus this red drawing.

Keep drawing.
Robin said…
This is very exciting, I wish I could have seen this in person. However, it has inspired me to draw for 2 hours today!
Yoojong said…
Thanks for sharing your great work. I was inspired to go to library at the end of last semester and read your thesis. Truely transformational to me.
I am very excited that you were inspired to draw today by my thesis drawing. That is good stuff. Imagine how incredible we would be with anything if we found time to do it at least 2-hours everyday!

I wish you could have seen this drawing "live" as well. It is unfortunate that it was only exhibited 4-days. I think I should have another show for it.

Thanks Robin.

I appreciate you taking your time to read my thesis paper. Writing my thesis was very difficult for me (in many ways) so am always thankful when someone peruses it.

I am glad reading it was important to you. It was very important for me to write.

Thanks for commenting Yoojong.
Spider G said…
Very interesting - especially your thought on red; it's true that as a color, it can be interpreted in a number of different ways - passion, blood, love, ect...

However, the interesting thing to me about your drawing is how even it seems. Maybe it's just the distance, but it seems less like a turmoil, and more like crests in a wave, which impresses upon me more of the eveness of the sea than the inner hurricane of an active mind. As I said, though, it could be just a distance issue for me. Nice job.
You are correct about the over-all "evenness" of the artwork Spider G.

The time of this works creation was an incredible tumultuous time for me, and it was necessary to find the balance (or evenness) I could not find in my life in this work of art.

Every section(13' x 8')had up to if not more than seven passes across its entire surface. This was done until an over-all unity was achieved.

This visual evenness served as an important contrast to my (as-you-would-say) inner-hurricane.

I've since (for my own curiousness) hung this work vertically, and I found this orientation to be more successful. It was never meant to be a landscape or a seascape for that matter.

However, that is how these things work out . .. ...sometimes.
KW said…
I wish I could afford 379 red sharpies.

This is incredible!!!

Anyways, hope you're doing well. See you around.
Well, I was able to buy many of the "red sharpies" in bulk, so that helped tremendously with the price.

Still quite pricey. Nothing compared to what artists of other mediums tend to have to pay for their wares however.

I am glad you like this drawing. I really wish you could have seen it installed in real life.

I assume you are back in the old USA? I hope your trip was wonderful.
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