Drawing of the Day - " red man"

I am not sure if I am exposing or concealing.
It seems more and more that I am doing both at once.
That is the paradox I am engaging.

I am uncertain what my art is showing me.
I find my answers in the answers of others.
I find my statements in the statements of others.
I find my ideas in the ideas of others.

I can look at my drawings and have nothing to say about them.
Sometimes I can talk about my drawings for a very long time.
I am increasingly suspect of artists who love to talk about their work.
I believe it's important to be able to talk about one's work.
I believe it's important for me to speak about my work from outside myself.

The language I speak is not my own.
I did not make the clothes I wear.
The car I drive I did not build.
The air I breathe has entered many before me.
When it's cold I dress warm.
I use the soap I see on commercials when I shower.

When I am willing to ask questions and I am open to what answers may come
When I listen more than I speak
When I smile when I am alone
When I daydream
When I dream
When I draw

Art can be made at anytime by anyone.
I am making art.
My art is better broken.
My writing fails to describe my art, because that is not it's job.
My writing describes itself.

When I make art:
I separate it from myself.
More like extraction than creation.
It becomes apart from me.
I am drawing myself in pieces.


America said…
Your paragraphs resemble stanzas. They read that way as well--not at all like prose. Just an inconsequential note.
prodecker said…
Thanks America,
That is a very interesting thought about my paragraphs. I will definitely have to look back at some of my older writings to see if there is a trend. I am glad you started a blog as well.
Spider G said…
I don't know where to begin - the drawing, or the commentary? I'll start with the latter, since it my native art :).

Your words remind omy of the Christina Rossetti, one of my all time favorite poets. She was a deeply symbolic woman, and her poems - even for an experienced critic - are hard to decipher. Some of them give the sense that she likes to "run and hide", so to speak, when it comes to meaning and what her words are supposed to mean. I get the same feeling from your words - except, perhaps it's a little more unintentional. You explore, well, the different meaning your creation (or extraction) can have to you and the other in whose statements you seek validation, of a sorts.
That may or may not reflect anything "deep" about you, of corse - it's just me having fun in my "art" :p.

As for the drawing...for some reason, I think Dali...Surrealists, though that may just reflect my ignorance of modern art history. It compliment your verse; I wonder who the little man who's both near can composing the "ear" represents? Also, Are those fingers that line the area around your mouth? Does that reflect how you let your art speak for you? Or am I just completely off? I my favorite are the...tendrils? iliciting from yuor forehead; for some reason, it makes me think when you said you seperate your art from yourself.
Spider G,
Thank you for your in-depth response to my post. I apologize for my late response to your response, but it has been a very busy time.

I appreciate greatly you introducing me to Christina Rossetti. I am researching her currently, and I am excited to get to know her and her work.

I found it very interesting your analyzes of of my words in reference to the words of Christina Rossetti.

I think (with this drawing and many others) your mentioning of the Surrealists is not too far off at all.

As for the meaning of the elements in the drawing. When they are drawn, they are more "drawing driven" than "meaning driven." So, in many ways, your interpretation of the little guy by the ear would be as successful as mine. This would also be applicable to your other questions.

Thanks again for taking your time to respond to my postings. It is greatly appreciated!