drawing of the day - " deck of cards "

rodecker_transform, originally uploaded by prodecker.

I have been recently trying to consolidate my belongings. I want to have less and have it organized. It has been a 4-year process thus far, but I am finally making some progress (even though I never ever thought it would take over 4-years!)

Anyway, because of my "digging deep" into forgotten realms of Paul, I am now finding drawings (here and there) that were misplaced by my disorganization syndrome.

This drawing is one of those lost works that I am speaking of.

It comes from a much bigger piece. I decided to cut this section out because I thought it was out of place in regards to the rest of the work.

Back in my -Undergrad and Grad- days I would deconstruct and reconstruct my drawings by cutting them up and taping them back together (in different formations / sometimes with different drawings / etc). I did this for many reasons that I will not get into now. But one the main reasons for this -deconstruct/reconstruct- was to keep my art/drawings from ending.

I do not start a drawing to finish it. Instead, I start a drawing to never finish it. Both the "finish" and the "never finish" are difficult to achieve, and one is not better than the other. Currently, I am just focused on learning how to keep a drawing from finishing.

The materials used in this drawing: Rapidograph (.20 Technical pen), Watercolor, Sharpies, Arches watercolor paper.

Although I do not think it is my greatest drawing ever, I do like how it looks like a "card" of some sort. I remember being inspired by this drawing into thinking about creating my own personal set of "Cards of Paul", Or a faux tarot deck or "Art poker cards", or something like that.

I find the upper-right hand corner of this drawing perfect some kind of element that would help push this "card" idea. So you see, this drawing has really only just begun!


Spider G said…
The interesting thing about your art blog is how we get a taste of your philosophy and approach to art along with the art itself.

I find the drawing interesting, and you're right - it really can pass for a card. The colors blend quite smoothly into each other as well. It's kind of hard to say anything else about it, since it's a part of a bigger whole; the perspective is really nice, though the feet are strangely placed and kinda don't line up together, but that's alright. Interesting piece.
Well I like to be a triple threat!...haha

No seriously, I appreciate your thoughts in this regard. I tend to write (like I speak) so it's a very conversational writing syle. Thus it would make sense that you noticed what you did, because that is how I tend to communicate with people.

I find the drawing interesting in how it is very different from what I have been doing for quite awhile. I'd like to do a series of drawings about this drawings scale. However, at this point, it would be awhile before I could get to it.

It's always a matter of time.

Thanks for your comment on my post.
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