Artist you should know – “ Ernesto Caivano ”


I was introduced to Ernesto Caivano in Pam Longobardi’s graduate seminar class during my time at Georgia State University. Our semester long assignment was to create a taxonomy of contemporary artists. During this challenging assignment I was introduced to many interesting and important artists. Of them all, Ernesto Caivano drew a linear language that spoke the clearest to me and my art practice.

Caivano’s drawings have a natural balance between:
less/more, detail/lack of detail, realism/abstraction, and shape/line.

His work is incredibly detailed and (seemingly) time-consuming. I admire Caivano’s attention to all aspects of his drawings, and the time he must make for them.

Time is a funny/terrible thing. How is it some people barely have time to sleep, while other people are able to chase their passions?

I am working very hard to be able to have the time I need to draw like I need to draw. I respect Ernesto Caivano because he has figured himself out in regards to the time he gives his art.

Here are some links to learn more about Ernesto Caivano:
Caivano's website - currently under construction
Images of Caivano’s art – from Google image search
Richard Heller gallery - represents Caivano
Guild & Greyshkul gallery – works/bio/press of Caivano
Frieze Magazine – article on Caivano’s drawings

I invite you to investigate Caivano and his art on your own. The story behind his drawings is quite interesting, and worth investigating.


Amir said…
incredible! thanx for telling me about this guy. I'm loving his work. This kind of natural geometry he uses with his organic birds and plant-life is amazing and harmonious.