photo of the day – “ my (art)work table ”

IMG_2723 IMG_2720
IMG_2716 IMG_2717

My plan was to write a blog every day. I have found that plan to be very difficult to achieve. My hope was that having a blog would push me to write more, and it has. Now I have to reach my goal of posting –a blog a day.

The above images are photos of my (art)work desk. I’ve used this desk many years for: drawing, drawing, painting, drawing, eating, folding laundry, drawing, writing, illustration, animation, and more drawing. It’s definitely seen better days (it’s starting to fall apart) but it’s still a great desk. It’s been a great friend for my art-making.

I love the history it shows. So many moments are captured on its surface. It is the kind of unintentional art that happens around the art one makes on purpose.

When I walk by my desk I am reminded that art can be found almost anywhere.