etching of the day - " tooth "

rodecker_etching, originally uploaded by prodecker.

This etching was drawn free-hand. The artwork was created a bit like jazz-improv.

What's interesting about this artwork is the inclusion of a landscape. For many years (many many years) I focused mostly on the "figure" and less on the "ground". The reason for this discrepancy is that I was interested more in the figure than the ground.

Thus, I drew more like sculptor. My figure had nothing around it to support it. Much like an actor; on stage, without props or a supporting cast. My figures where having to do "all" the work, and I was fine with that. In many ways, I am still fine with that.

However; for my art to take complete advantage of the picture plane, I learned that a better balance was needed between the figure and the ground. I struggled to find a solution.

My final answer was to completely leave the figure and study my relationship to the ground. So, for the last 5 years I've built up my relationship with the un-figural. This journey has focused on abstraction, involving repetition, focus, reflection, and riding the flow of time.