drawing of the day - " blue swimmer "

rodecker - " blue swimmer ", originally uploaded by prodecker.

I thought this would be a nice follow up (from the previous skull drawing).

This is one of my favorite works that was created post-grad-school. The ironic element is that I was very unhappy with the area that had the "swimmer" character show up. That was completely unexpected, and I worked very hard to try to bury / conceal that area.

Now it is my favorite part of the drawing. It's a very small part of the larger source-drawing. The part that is being shown currently is only a sample area of this larger work. However, this is how it happens. Lots of work on a big piece of paper, to find the 2-inch x 2-inch area that holds a secret.

An answer to a question not being asked. An unexpected in a place where most everything else was expected. The place one rarely protects or looks at because its like breathing while sleeping.

breath taken away.
Art arrives. Only briefly.
Gone before the notice.
It's the throw before the toss.
The sound of speech before the word.

One word speaks.